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April 2, 2011

Future 4-Her

There is no way I could deny my youngest the opportunity to become involved in 4H.  With Bryce, beginning 4H at 5 years old, we found to be a  fantastic experience.  We didn't start him off with animals, he was more interested in cooking so that's the project we signed him up for.  Now, in his second year, he's into photography and cooking.

Like her brother, Paige will also sign up for cooking, since the meetings are held at our house, it's kind of a given.  But I think I see the purchase of a bunny hutch in our near future though.  The other day, at Marin Farm Day, my sister had her kid's 4H bunnies on display.  Remember Cinnamon?  Well, he was there and Paige was more than happy and very proud to take responsibility for showing him to all the kids who attended Farm Day.

Paige & Cinnamon sat with cousin, Leila and Dominic at the Marin Co. Farm Bureau table which was conveniently located right next to our 4H club's table and enjoyed showing the Holland Lop, Cinnamon to all who passed by.

Great life lessons can be learned from owning pets.  I know Paige will share her thoughts and secrets with her future bunny, just as she does with her stuffed animals now.  Having a pet she can call her very own will teach respect and responsibility for other living things.

Having a pet bunny {or any pet} will also provide a more in-depth lesson about life, reproduction, birth, illnesses and eventually death and bereavement.  Even though I don't like to think about the last two lessons mentioned, it's part of the circle of life.

If you want to see what Cinnamon and the other bunnies that belong to my sister looked like when they were babies, just click over to my Hoppity Hop post....Cinnamon was TINY! {she's the only brown one in the photos}

Did you grow up with a pet of your very own?

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