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April 18, 2011

The Easter Bunny

So much fun when the Easter Bunny shows up early for a special egg hunt party.  Yesterday, the rain held off for the outdoor Easter egg hunt party we attended....thankfully!  Otherwise, poor Helen's house would have been a disaster by the time 30 plus kids hunted their eggs. {Helen is a blogger also}

There is almost nothing better than attending a party, any 'kid' party, when
a school teacher is in charge.  Our friend Leslie, had all the kids, ages 2-14 or so, under control and organized while the Easter Bunny was hiding the eggs. 

It must be some special, school teacher, hidden talent that they posses.  Because every kid paid attention.

After the kids decorated their Easter bags for the egg hunt, they were on a mission.

The bigger kids especially, had a specific goal they were striving find the two eggs that each contained a piece of paper telling them they had won one of the two, coveted, chocolate bunny prizes.

While the kids were scrambling around the yard collecting eggs, I enjoyed some of the beautiful sites in Helen's garden.

Gorgeous, right?!

The egg hunt took all of 10-15 minutes before it was over.  It wasn't long before I was informed that we would be taking home, not one, but both of the chocolate bunnies.

I see a chocolate high in our near future......

Bryce and his friend, Mackenzie, took a seat on one of the steps leading to the flower garden and preceded to eat their entire back of goodies.

The sugar high came earlier than I had anticipated and he hadn't even broken into the bunny.

And because there wasn't near enough sugar going around, the cupcakes came out........

On the drive home Bryce says:
"Mom, I feel REAL bad..."

Me:  "That's what happens when you eat a lot of sugar, all at once and that's why I normally don't let you have but one or two pieces every once in a while."

Bryce:  "Why did you let me do it?!  I feel really BAD..."

Me:  "Sometimes, with certain things, it's a learning lesson when you experience how things feel and then maybe the next time when the opportunity comes around again, and it will, you won't do it."

Bryce:  "I'm never eating that much candy again!  I NEVER want to eat ANY candy again!"

Well, we'll see if he changes his mind on the last sentence, but if he doesn't, I could live with far, he wants nothing to do with his chocolate bunny prize.

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