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April 8, 2011

A Girl And Her Horse

Paige is my horse lover in the family.  Girls and horses, they just go hand in hand, it seems.  Maybe it's their long mane and tail that initially attracts a girl to ponies.  What ever the case, the attraction was immediate for Paige....immediately after the first time she laid eyes on a horse.

We had some bonding and grooming time with Joey yesterday.  We were waiting for the farrier to arrive for a scheduled manicure/pedicure for Joey, and Paige helped give Joey a much appreciated grooming.

Most of you know, Joey has been in 'lock-down' for over a month now.  He's not allowed to have this rich, lush, green grass because it causes him to founder.  But to get Joey from his paddock to the area where the farrier trims him, we had to walk knee deep in the stuff. 

Not an easy task to lead a food obsessed horse through knee deep green grass.  I won't lie,  he did nab a few bites without permission. 

So after a 20-30 minute lesson in ground manners to 'refresh' his memory, he was much more calm and relaxed.
But not much later, he was done with the photo session.

His evil eye was telling me 'enough already!'
Joey is doing much better since almost foundering over a month ago.  His soreness has seemed to totally disappear.  After he loses about 100 pounds, we may even get a ride in.

Thank you to Verde Farm for hosting Farm Girl Friday!

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