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April 4, 2011

Meet the Dry Cows

Our 'dry cows' are not only dry because of all the nice spring weather we've been having, but this group of ladies are called 'dry cows' because they are on break right now.  They are on hiatus from milking for 2 months.

All they need to worry about is eating, basking in the sunlight {if it's not cloudy} and sleeping.

When our dairy cows are pregnant, they are given a break from milking in the last 2 months of their pregnancy to concentrate all of their energy into the soon-to-be newborn calf that will be making an appearance soon.

Paige and I took a little stroll out to their corral to check on them and say hi.....the laundry that is piling up at the house can wait for another day.

In no more than 5 minutes, we were surrounded by them all.  They're all so very curious and sweet:)

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