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April 10, 2011

Dairy Princess Ball Recap

Last night we attended the 54th annual District 3 Dairy Princess Ball.  Our good friend and cousin, Rich Silacci made the trek up from Cal Poly where he manages the dairy there, to be the Master of Ceremonies for the event.

My front row posse, Logan, Carson, Derrick, Bryce, Cameron, Paige and Leila saved me a seat with the best angle so I could get some good pics.........

The responsibility of the District No. 3 Dairy Princess and the first alternate, will be to act as a goodwill ambassador for the dairy industry.  They will speak at schools, fairs and many other community events, about the importance of  dairy products.

This year there were four contestants vying for the crown. And here they are:

Carly Miller.  An active member in FFA and has also worked at 4H camp for six years as a staff member.  She has also been involved with raising jersey bulls as part of a veterinary science class in high school.  Carly says, "I believe in the importance of agriculture education and know the value of it to all ages."

Amanda Moretti.  Daughter of dairy farmers and will be studying animal science at Cornell in the fall.  Amanda is an active member of FFA, 4H and the CA Junior Holstein Association and has served as an officer for her 4H club, Tomales FFA, Sonoma Section FFA, North Coast Region FFA, Redwood Empire Junior Holstein Association and CA Junior Association.

Amanda says, "If selected as District 3 Dairy Princess, my main goal will be to bridge the gap between producers and consumers.  I hope to dispel any misconceptions individuals have about the dairy industry and encourage not only the youth, but adults as well, to learn more about the industry and its importance in our everyday lives."

Maria Camozzi.  Grew up on a family dairy run by her parents.  After high school graduation, Maria will study agriculture business at Cal Poly.  Maria has served as president of Petaluma FFA and is a member of Redwood Empire Holstein Association. 

Maria says, "I hope to educate the public about the important role that the dairy industry plays in our community, state and nation."

Samantha Spaletta.  Daughter of a fourth generation dairy farmer, she works on the family farm and has her own 75 head herd of cows.  Samantha has been a member of her local 4H club for 10 years and served on its board, she is also a member of Petaluma FFA and serves on the board.

Samantha says, "I want to share my knowledge of dairy products and the industry in California.  I want the consumer to understand that dairymen treat their animals humanely and the California farmers are hard working people.  My hopes are that the small family farms will be around for a long time."

While the judges were making the final decision, the introduction of the Milk Advisory Board Representative; Dominic Carinalli, North Bay Dairy Women current president; Audrey Wheeler and Contest Chairperson; Judy Buttke were introduced to the crowd.

And retiring dairy princess, Emilie Strand says a few words and

 presents her retiring court, Regina Camozzi and Stephanie Rowley, gifts of appreciation. 

Over the past year, I saw Emilie in action holding her title as Dairy Princess at numerous community events. She did a phenomenal job connecting with the public, teaching kids about dairy products, making herself available when called upon by the community and always with a smile on  her face.  Nothing ever seemed to frazzle Emilie. She is a fantastic role model for all kids out there, and especially for our young girls.
The evening moved on and the contestants then came out in their white gowns for the conclusion of the ceremony.





The 'Miss Vitality' award was given to Maria.....

The judges, James Garner, Dr. Marit Arana, Ph.D. and Kevin Blount had made their decision.


First Alternate was awarded to Samantha Spaletta!

The newly appointed District 3 Dairy Princess title goes to Amanda Moretti!

Amanda gives her acception speech to the crowd of over 700.

Next on the agenda was a delicious dinner and of course some dancing.

I'm sure that at one point there were more little kids on the dance floor than big kids and adults.  Definitely a family friendly event.  Bryce loves his cousins:)

Paige and her cousin, Leila, followed the Dairy Princesses around, I think all night!

My nephew, Cameron, showing off his dance moves.......

Lots of Daddy-daughter dance time too...........

It was midnight before we arrived kids don't even go to bed this late on New Year's Eve!

The quotes above, by the contestants, were taken from the Petaluma Argus Courier.

Here is last year's contest, where Emilie Strand was crowned Dairy Princess.

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