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April 6, 2011

Crazy Calves

We have a fenced in hillside between our house and Great Grandma and Grandpa's house and during the spring time, we put a hand full of 5-8 month old calves in it so the grass can be eaten down.  This is the first time these calves have been out on pasture.  At this age, they can leave the safety of their barn, they're big enough that predators, such as coyotes will leave them be. 

I missed the opportunity to snap photos when Dominic trailered them up, I was at gymnastics with Paige.  So I thought I'd hop the fence and get a little closer to them to snap some cute photos.  They should all recognize me by now.  My cute Brittney is in this bunch, she'll come over to me for sure.

Ha!  Scaredy calves not only high-tailed it away from as fast they could, including Miss Brittney, who was the front runner! {you can see her in the above photo - she's the mostly white calf}

one of them even jumped the fence! Oh, Dominic is not going to be happy about this.  The calf is fine, she jumped into the heifer pasture to hang with the big girls.

And then they were gone.....over the hill.

Hmmm.......should I tell Dominic what happened in person or let him read it on this post??  Regardless of how he finds out, he'll ask me one question.......Did you get her back?

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