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September 4, 2014

Fall Garden Activities for Kids

Fall can be such a fun time in the garden and including your kids is these fun and fantastic projects can only put a smile on their sweet faces.  Parents Magazine came up with 15 fabulous ideas and these are my top six.

1.  Frame Your Fall
Framed Leaves

Photo credit:  Parents Magazine
Gather a few fall leaves from your garden and turn them into works of art. Press your leaves between a glass frame, and display them on your mantle all year 'round.

2.  Fall Preserves
Wax Leaves

Photo credit:  Andy Lyons
Your kids may love collecting leaves in the fall, but they won't last forever. Preserve a few leaves by dipping them into some liquid wax (you can use a melted candle or some melted beeswax). Hang your leaves to dry, and use them for home decorations through the year.

3.  Herbs and Spices
Pumpkin herb planter

Photo credit:  Marty Baldwin
Your mini pumpkins can be more than just decoration - hollow out the inside, fill with soil, and plant some herbs and spices. They'll look great on your windowsill, and they'll make your fall cooking even tastier.

4.  Veg Out!
Vegetable planters

Photo credit: Greg Scheidemann
Plant some fall veggies in mini pots and line them on your windowsill. To remember which pot holds your leeks, radishes, or turnips, stick a fork in each and slip the seed packet card between the prongs.

5.  Birdseed Feeder
 Pumpkin Birdseed Feeder

Photo credit:  Andre Baranowski
Turn your bird bath into a beautiful birdseed feeder by hollowing out a pumpkin and filling it with seeds

6.  Butterfly Feeder
Butterfly Feeder

Photo credit:  Peter Krumhardt
Butterflies can be a beautiful addition to your yard or garden. Fill a jar or tin can with some colorful flowers--the brighter the better because butterflies are attracted to color--and add a little sponge or cotton ball soaked in sugar water. Soon you'll see butterflies flitting all over your garden. Add an artificial butterfly to the can for the full effect!

If you would like to see the remaining 11 fall gardening ideas, click Parents Magazine!
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