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Life is too short to eat bad food! Sharing great recipes, farm life, stories and photography from our Northern California dairy farm.

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Wildlife & Pets

Woodpecker Trail Pt. Reyes
Chloe Chronicles Part Vl
Buddy the Buck and Cinnamon
Yet Another Side To Chloe
Oh Chloe, Now What?
Respectful Dairy Cows~Chloe's World
Chloe's Day at Indian Valley
Cooper and Chloe's Play Date
Indian Summer
Flipping the Bird
Baby Chicks
Funky Chicken
I have a Tweet for you!  Owls!
Stow Away Baby Barn Owl
More Baby Barn Owls
Hoppity Hop~Baby Bunnies
Bit of Bad News on the Killdeer
Turkey Feathers
Big Fat Joey
The Return of Boss Hog~the Hummingbird
Deer Antlers
The Buck Stops Here
Poor Old Oak Tree Pin It