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September 13, 2016

Favorite Pumpkin Recipes

Fall is in the air here in Northern California.  Fall is my favorite season because of the crisp mornings, the leaves thinking about changing colors, football and last but certainly not least.....everything PUMPKIN.

I'm a pumpkin fan.  From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin muffins, I can't get enough.  I even stocked up on pumpkin scented candles.

To celebrate Fall, here are some of my favorite, from scratch, pumpkin recipes.....

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins (click to see recipe)

Healthy Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip can eat these for breakfast!

Dreamy Pumpkin Ice Cream from Scratch.....oh so good.

I hope you're enjoying your ease in to fall as much as I am.  ~Nancy

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August 17, 2016

If You Mess With The Bull.....

Out of  the couple of hundred dairy cows that we have on the ranch, we have just a couple of Holstein bulls that stay with the herd.  While different breeds of bulls vary in aggressiveness, Holstein bulls are considered to be one of the most aggressive.  The bulls we have are young, two or three years old and pretty tame, given their age..... Although not tame enough for me to find myself on the same side of the fence as them. Tame or not, I'm terrified of these large, muscular creatures.

Just the other day, while our kids were being filmed for a California Milk Advisory Board video, I amused myself by filming one of our bulls, Rocky, while he was vocalizing his protest to my close proximity......two fences in between us.

A good reminder to all to always stay on the other side of the fence from a Holstein bull.

CMAB Filming

Rocky, the Bull
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August 1, 2016

Watermelon Summer Slush

Watermelon is both of my kid's favorite summer fruit.  I'm a huge fan as well.  There is almost nothing better than biting in to a cold, juicy slice of the sweet fruit.  Watermelon is 90% water and is a great source of hydration as well.  So very thirst quenching!

August 3rd is National Watermelon Day and to help us all celebrate, I wanted to share this lucious looking recipe for Pomegranate Watermelon Summer Slush sent to me by Sparkling Ice.

above photo courtesy Sparkling Ice

But first, here are some fun watermelon facts that I learned about at a farm tour at a Monsanto farm I attended.
  • Over 1,200 varieties of watermelon are grown worldwide
  • Every part of a watermelon is edible—even the seeds and rinds
  • Watermelon is a fruit and a vegetable—related to cucumbers, pumpkin and squash
  • Some watermelons are yellow, and have a sweeter, more honey-like flavor than the pink-fleshed kind 

Pomegranate Watermelon Summer Slush

1/2 Personal-size seedless watermelon, chilled, cut & cubed (about 5 cups)
1/3 Cup Sparkling Ice Pomegranate Blueberry or Sparkling Ice Strawberry Watermelon
2 Tablespoons lime juice
1 Tablespoon sugar
1 to 2 Cups ice
Small watermelon wedge, spear of blueberries a few pomegranate seeds (optional for garnishes)

In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Garnish as desired and serve in a hollowed-out watermelon shell for a fun "fish bowl" inspired drink.

Cherry Ginger Watermelon Mocktail
Black Cherry Sparkling Ice
Fresh Ginger

Cut the watermelon and scoop out the flesh. Peel and cut a small portion of the ginger. Mix both ingredients in a blender, strain for any seeds. Add into highball glass and top with Black Cherry Sparkling Ice. For a fun twist, add a watermelon wedge as a garnish.
above photo courtesy Sparkling Ice

And now for the "adult" recipe......

Sparkling Watermelon Vodka Lemonade
3 Cups seedless watermelon pieces
3 Lemons, juiced
1/2 Cup Vodka
1/4 Cup Fresh Mint
2 Cups Lemon Lime Sparkling Ice

In a blender, puree the watermelon and lemon juice, strain through a sieve into a drink pitcher. Add mint, vodka and Lemon Lime Sparkling Ice, then stir. Serve over ice and garnish with fresh mint.
above photo courtesy Sparkling Ice

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July 6, 2016

Clover Stornetta Greek Yogurt Pancakes

We, as a family, had the pleasure of participating in our hometown's 4th of July parade, honoring Novato's 2016 theme, "Across the Generations".  We put together a float with the help of Clo the Cow from Clover Stornetta, who walked with us and our local feed supply company, Hunt and Behren's, using their beautifully restored vintage hay truck.

Such a fun day riding and walking down Grant Avenue with Clo the Cow and handing out 400 half pints of chocolate milk to the parade spectators!

Even our little Chloe got into it as well...

Clo the Cow shared with me, one of her favorite breakfast recipes for Greek Yogurt Pancakes and wanted to be sure I shared the recipe with all of you!  Enjoy!

Clover is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the release of an organic Greek yogurt line! Not only is Greek yogurt delicious, but it's also nutritious, providing you with added protein, improved digestive function, and the calcium you need for healthier bones. If you love Greek yogurt, we've got a great recipes for you to try!

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt Pancakes
Time required: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 5 pancakes
Here's what you'll need:
  • 5 ounces Greek yogurt
  • one egg
  • half a cup of flour
  • a teaspoon of baking soda

Combine the egg with the yogurt, then mix in flour and baking soda to create a thick batter. Scoop onto a greased and heated griddle, cooking for about two minutes on each side. Serve with your choice of toppings!


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June 29, 2016

Jinx's Story....Only at the Fair.

We just came off of a week at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, held in Petaluma, Ca.  This is one of our family's favorite small town fairs where many kids have the chance to show their animals that they have been raising and caring for all year long.  Many many memories are made at our county fairs every year, nationwide. 

This little Jersey heifer, Ginny, was given to Paige by a family friend, Regina. We are proud to say Ginny is the very first Jersey that has ever lived on the Grossi Dairy over the past 70 years it's been in existance!  Paige has always had an affinity to Jerseys because of their sweet faces and their light coloring....their looks  remind her of baby deer.  Ginny did Paige well at the Sonoma-Marin Fair....she helped Paige achieve a 1st place ribbon in the Showmanship Class.  

Bryce also has a super sweet Holstein cow named Jinx.  She's three years old, is pregnant with her second calf and he entered her as a 'dry cow' at the fair.  Dry cow simply means she is not milking at the time because she is preparing to give birth and is enjoying a couple of months off from milking.

In my eyes, Jinx is just a big lap cow.  Similar to a dog but much, MUCH larger.  Instead of her sitting on our laps, we sit in hers.  Sweetest bovine creature EVER.

She loves scratches behind her ears and under her chin and loves to give late night, very wet kisses in the barn.

Sweet Jinx surprised us all on the last morning of the fair.  Our nephew, Cameron, had set his early morning alarm for 4 a.m. to milk his cow, Lucy, when he discovered a little bitty head protruding out of Jinx at that same time.  After waking us all up with this discovery, Dominic helped Jinx finish her labor by pulling the calf  the rest of the way out and Jamie was born at 4:15 a.m and approximately 10 days early.

A sweet little heifer, that looks alot like her mama and with the same sweet disposition was here to share the last day of the fair with us and ALL who came by to visit.  People were amazed that she was just hours old....maybe the youngest calf people had ever laid they're eyes on, in real life.

Just a couple of hours after Jamie was born and after being licked clean by her mama, Jamie stood on all four hooves.

It's amazing to me the natural instincts that happen immediately with a newly born calf.  She found her mama and nursed.

Jinx is the ever loving, caring mama.   With the comfort of her 'human family' never leaving her and her baby's side, Jinx seemed happy to share her newborn baby with the public.

One proud mama and a memory that our family and many other families will never forget at the Sonoma-Marin Fair this year.

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May 24, 2016

Top Tips For Safe Internet Usage For Kids

Our kids are ages 11 and 9.  They are right in the midst of the ever loving world of technology and Dominic and I have talked about the best ways of limiting their usuage of it over the summer time break.

Chores come first:

In the Morning:
  • Make your bed
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get dressed
  • Brush your teeth
  • Brush your hair
  • Feed and water your rabbits and dog....and cows, if applicable at the time
  • 20 minutes of reading
  • Clean up 1 room / tv or bedroom
  • Play outside for 30 minutes
  • Make, draw or build something creative
  • Help someone in the family (ask if there is a job you can do....water the garden)

Then you can play some video games or have TV time.

However, all parents know there are some parts of the Internet they don’t want kids exploring. Here are 5 great tips from the experts at Clean Router for keeping kids safe online all year long.

#1 - Talk with your kids!  The dangers of the Internet are very real, but arming your kids with knowledge can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.  These should be very age appropriate discussions.  For instance, for a 5-year old you can give instructions as simple as, “If you see someone without their clothes on, turn the computer or device off immediately and come get mom or dad.”  Or, “If you see someone being mean to someone else, make sure you show a grown up.”  As your kids get older, the discussion can change accordingly.  But starting the discussions early is important.  You can choose - you can teach your kids - or else the Internet can teach them!

#2 - Install filtering at the network level to filter all of the devices in the house.  Choose a powerful option like the Clean Router. The Clean Router allows parents to manage all of the devices in the house with one central control.  It filters and manages everything connected to your home WiFi so you don’t have to worry about any content you deem inappropriate leaking through on a device you hadn’t or couldn’t download filtering software to.

#3 - Make sure that Internet usage is done in the open. Make sure that family computers are located in high traffic areas. Make sure that laptops and tablets are not used in bedrooms or private parts of the house. This keeps kid’s online activities open for discussion and much easier to keep an eye on.

#4 - If chores aren’t completed change your WiFi key and don’t give it to the kids until those chores are done!  With most routers this is a very simple task that can be done in a few minutes and can be a very effective way to motivate kid to get chores or homework or whatever finished!

#5 - Make sure you have all of your kid’s social media passwords and check their social media accounts regularly.  If kids know you are looking at what they are doing on the different social media platforms they will be much less likely to be talking to people they shouldn’t or taking part of cyberbullying or other behaviors that they know you wouldn’t approve of.  This is a digital world now - so be a part of their digital lives!

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May 8, 2016

Marin County Farmers' Market at The Fork

Last weekend Dominic and I had the pleasure of attending a campaign kickoff fundraising event for the Market Hall and Canopy for the Marin County Farmers' Market.

Photo courtesy of AIM

The goal is to raise enough funds to build a permanent  and sustainable structure and canopy to house the Marin County Farmers' Market's local agriculture, small businesses, farmers and ranchers . This way farm fresh food will be available year round and we can shop and stay dry simultaneously.

The local farm and agriculture community is small and very important to me and my family. Although our family does not sell product at the farmer's market, we have many friends and family that do utilize the opportunity to grow, raise and then sell their products to our local community through the farmer's market.

The Farmers' Market provides local farmers and ranchers, along with special food purveyors and artisans direct access to more than 15,000 people every week.  It is critical for survival to these local farmers and ranchers to have a venue like this available to them to directly associate and connect with the community.

The fundraising event was held at one of my favorite farm to table venues around....The Fork at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company.  If you haven't tried their award winning Point Reyes Original Blue or others, you should if you get the chance.  Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese is made from the Giacomini family's own herd of Holstein cows, raised right there on the farm.

If you want to read and see more about the Marin County Farmers' Market or The Fork, click on the links above!
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