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November 19, 2012

Oreo Turkey Treats

My kids are still in school on Monday and Tuesday of this week and on Tuesday the little one-room school is making Stone Soup for lunch.  I'm in charge of dessert and along with brownies I baked for the adults, I made these adorable Oreo Turkeys.  

Assembly required but no baking involved.

First things first, unwrap all the mini reese's peanut butter cups and line 'em up.

Melt some chocolate for your 'glue'.

Pull apart one Oreo cookie and use the cream side as a base to stick another full Oreo into, to create the back of the turkey.

Apply some melted chocolate to the underneath and back {or top}  side of the peanut butter cup and stick in down on the cream of the Oreo and to the side of the standing Oreo.

Use a malt ball for the head and apply melted chocolate to glue on.

Stick five candy corn candies into the standing Oreo for the turkey feathers.

Use some cake decorating supplies for the turkey's eyes, apply with the melted chocolate.

Use red tube icing for the gobbler.  When finished, place in the fridge for the chocolate to harden up.

This was going to be a surprise, but little Miss Paige is standing here right beside me as I'm typing's our secret.  The kids are gonna love 'em. 

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