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November 19, 2018

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving.  A time to give thanks.  A time to reflect on all of the things in life we are thankful for.

Some of my favorite things this time of year include:

I begin my Thanksgiving Day by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV and then move onto football.

All while drinking my pumpkin spiced latte.

By early afternoon I am getting the turkey ready to go. I'm not sure whether I'll spatchcock my turkey this year or roast it traditionally.

Most importantly, Thanksgiving is about spending time with friends and family.

Thanksgiving, a joyous time for the most part and if one has lost a close loved one, it could also be a time of sadness for many.  

Our family has suffered the loss of a close loved one just recently.  My father-in-law.  He is missed every day.    A huge void is felt on a daily basis.  

For me, the time of day where the void is strongly felt is in the morning.  Driving down the hill from our house on the drive to school with the kids or driving myself to work is where I would normally encounter George everyday.  A brief wave was shared not only in the morning, but on numerous occasions through out each day.  Day to day life on the ranch is not the same without him here. 

We will always cherish the memories we had with him.  George loved this ranch and the lifestyle it brought him and his entire family.  Although his human body is no longer with us, his presence is definitely felt here. Spontaneous occurrences trigger memories, daily.  He will be missed so much this holiday season.

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