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April 29, 2011

Remember Barina the Dairy Calf?

You first met Barina at 10 days old when we brought her on her very first outing to Marin County Farm Day, in March.  Now the little dairy calf is about a month and a half old so Paige and I thought we should give Barina her first halter training lesson.

I'm planning on taking Barina to a couple of upcoming outings, mainly so kids that don't have access to farm animals can come and see a dairy calf up close. Halter training her will benefit both of us.....Barina will feel safe and secure when on a lead rope and I'll {hopefully} have full control of her.
This was Barina's first time on a halter of any kind.  She did GREAT!  She's real gentle and didn't kick up her heels at all.

This is the look of a four year old when pouting because she wants to take control of my Canon DSLR more posing, she wants to TAKE the photos.

So I let her........ 

Barina's first lesson went so well, she'll be following along behind us, probably without a halter, in no time.

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