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April 17, 2011

The Close of a Chapter

At one time in my life, before becoming a mother, before becoming a 'wife of a dairyman', I was a Harley chick.  The long rides out to the coast on a hot summer day will forever be remembered.

When riding a Harley, even when riding with friends, you're alone with your thoughts.....only because there is really no other choice.  If you're a Harley owner yourself, you then know the first thing you do after purchasing a Harley is change out the factory exhaust system to very loud porker pipes.

Chatting is not an option.  I really enjoyed riding, it was almost therapeutic for me......not to say I was in need of therapy or know what I mean, right?

Ever since becoming a mom, I have really had no time to ride.  Yes, I could have gotten a babysitter and taken a ride...but is that something I would want to do on a regular basis?  No. 

I would rather take any scheduled babysitting time and spend it on a date with my husband, or with my girlfriends to catch up on the things that have been going on in their lives........not sitting on a Harley.  It began to seem such a waste of time, riding a I'm sure many moms can relate, I could be doing SO many other things instead, with that time.

So rather than letting the motorcycle just sit in my parent's barn and deteriorate,

my cousin, Victor offered to buy it from me.  Yesterday was the day it was time to say goodbye.  Close the chapter.

But not before snapping a few pics of my kids sitting on it. 

I think I see a couple of  Harley riders sometime in the future...

I had to take a last sit on it myself. And for all the unending photos I snap of my six year old,
Bryce, was giving his mama a little payback.........


Cousin Victor lives in southern California.....a perfect new home for  my his Harley.

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