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April 15, 2011

Calves and Ranch Life

Just yesterday, Dominic tells me part of a Bay tree had fallen in the calf pasture on the ranch property behind Stafford Lake and it needed to be cleared away. 

After picking up some hay for Joey from town, Paige and I drove out to meet Dominic.

One would think after eight years of living on this ranch, I would know my way around the place.  But the bridge that I normally drive over to get across the creek, was washed out....gone.

"Mommy are you lost?"

"Well, Paige, we just need to go a different direction."

After a quick cell phone call to Dominic, I found I needed to continue driving west on the main road, through a gate which would then take me over a different bridge.....and unfortunately that's where I stopped listening to my conversation with Dominic.  Because if I hadn't, I would then know to take a left, once over the bridge instead of the right I was sure to be the correct route.

"Mommy, why are we turning around again?"

Eventually we found our way.

 No sooner than we arrived, the herd from behind the lake showed up to see what was happening.  The calves that live out here are from 6 months to 13 months old and very curious.

As Dominic hauled the downed tree branch away, the calves stood and watched.  Most of the Bay tree is still standing and should easily continue to grow without the two branches.

Chloe was loving this outdoor activity.

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