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April 19, 2011

Excitement on a Foggy Day

One of the climate issues we encounter when living near the coast is FOG.  Some people call it our 'natural airconditioning' because it visits us all summer long, actually all year long.  During the summer months, it really keeps things pretty cool on the days it visits us. 

I don't like it.

But our cows do.  They don't like the hot weather, so in the area of northern California where we live, the cows really like the climate.  It's not too hot except maybe a few days in summer and it's not too cold.

I took a stroll outside with the macro lens today to see what exciting photos I could capture..... in the fog, then I came in to see what I could do with the dreary things on 

Much more exciting when the editing is complete.

In our container garden, I found the seeds I had planted in the beginning of February had sprouted and are actually looking pretty good.  We've been having rain off and on for the past few months, there was no need for hand watering.  But today I gave them all a good drench, the containers they're growing in were dry.

The flat leafed parsley came up in bunches......

Garlic is looking good, I think......or was I supposed to separate and plant each clove?.....oops.

The carrots, amongst the wildflowers weeds look good.

And onions are coming up fabulously.

Can't wait til our weather warms up so the rest of the garden can go in.

What are you planting this year??
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