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April 9, 2011

Brittney the calf and the Ferorious Beast

The area in front of our house this time of year contains 15 or so calves....well, right now there are eight because the other seven jumped the fence into the heifer pasture, but that's a whole other story

It's fun to have Brittney near our house {she's on the right with the mostly white face}.  These girls have a pasture full of belly high green grass, but they still smash the fence down  to get to the grass on the other side. 

Just like a girl to keep all options open at all times, right?! {or maybe just never satisfied}

Well, my little ferocious beast, Chloe will keep them in line.

This little fluff ball of a dog, loves to have a herd she can call her own so near the house to keep in line.

She has stepped up to the plate and taken on the responsibility that any good 'cow dog' would.

We're going to the Dairy Princess Ball tonight, what are you up to this weekend?

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