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April 23, 2011

A Taste of Columbia Gold Rush

Bryce and I survived our overnight, tent camping, Columbia Gold Rush experience.  It was SO much fun.  Here's just a taste of what we experienced in Columbia, with a full re-cap to come the beginning of next week.

After our 3+ hour trek to the Columbia foothills, we arrived a bit late.  We made no stops, not even Starbucks, found the camp ground without a problem, but with no signs of our group, from Bryce's one room school in all. 

I knew we couldn't possibly be the first to arrive, considering we were 25 minutes late.  Thank goodness for decent cell reception!  We called Bryce's teacher, Mrs. Doyle, to find that the rest of the group had already arrived and was down in the historical town of Columbia.....which was only a two minute drive from camp.

Mrs. Doyle had two full days of scheduled activities planned for us.  First stop, candle making as they did it in the 1800's.

The kids and adults were able to create a candle in the colors of our own choosing to take home.....I'm thinking future 4H project here....

Another of the stops was a visit to a real working Blacksmith.  We learned all about how the iron was made, molded, shaped and cooled.  We were given horseshoes to take home to remember our experience.

On another tour, we learned about how communication began through newspapers and the use of ink.

The group was able to play out some things that, hopefully, they'll never experience in real life...... old time firemen working a bucket brigade


Bryce really enjoyed his first day in Columbia.  Every stick he and his buddies picked up, immediately transformed into a shotgun......and this action fit right in with our visit.

More on what the Columbia Gold Rush experience is all about on Monday.

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