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April 12, 2011

Ladybugs from Charlotte

Last week we met Bryce's little friend, Charlotte, for a play date and she came bearing gifts.  Bryce's face lit UP when he realized the container she handed him was filled with ladybugs......his own pet ladybugs!

They're pre-fed and can stay in the container for a while, but after dropping the container one too many times, I told Bryce it was time to let them out.....outside on our plants, not inside, in his room.

The best time for the release is in the morning, foggy preferably or in the evening time.  When it's cooler out, the ladybugs are not as active and are more apt to remain in your surrounding area.

Our garden isn't planted yet, so we decided the jasmine bush was the perfect new home for the ladybugs.

The next morning I went out to check on our new 'pets' and they had the jasmine bush covered.

My suggestion, especially if you have kids, is to go to your local gardening store and buy a container of ladybugs.  Wouldn't it be a fun surprise for someone to include it in their Easter basket?! You and your kids will receive hours upon hours of entertainment.

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