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January 25, 2011

Thing One & Thing Two ~ Bulls

After some halter training with calves, Brittney and Emma I walked over to the bull corral to check on the two 18 month old prospects.  As I walked carefully up to the fence, so as not to startle the two of them who were enjoying a sun bath, 'Thing One' , the ornery one, immediately began to stand.....of course. 

But I didn't let him scare me!  There was a steel pipe fence between he and I, after all! 

' Thing Two', who will most likely remain here on the ranch as one of the resident bulls, didn't bother to get up.

He actually looks rather docile.  And while snapping a photo of him, what comes into my view finder?!........


And then this...............

Thank goodness for steel pipe fences.  Phew!

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