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January 2, 2011

Indian Valley~Chloe's {the Dog} Afternoon

Chloe.  She's sweet.  She's fluffy and white.  Her hair mats like crazy.  She's a licker.  She's loves kids.  She loves to ride in the SUV, truck or 4wheeler.  She's a cat and squirrel chaser.  And she thinks she's a ranch dog.  Yep, she's in charge of any and all cows she sees here on the dairy farm....or so she thinks.

I like to take Chloe off the farm as much as possible, so she learns how to socialize and behave with the city folk, she drives with me in the Tahoe almost every day.  But the other day, we took Chloe on her first "real dog walk".  A walk planned just for the sake of walking the dog.  It was her day. 

Now, it's not that Chloe doesn't get enough exercise here on the farm, but after a year and a half, it was time to see how she did on the trail......on leash. 

So, my sister, niece and nephew and their two puppies and us, headed over to Indian Valley trail head with the idea of socializing the two new puppies with other dogs.  This is a hiking area where many dogs, off leash and on, will be encountered.....perfect to socialize any dog.

Paige insisted on being the "dog walker" and that was final.

Bryce brought his binoculars to spy out mountain lions or squirrels and such.....

Chloe did SO well walking on leash with a 4 year old.  She didn't pull.  She didn't bark and she stopped when Paige stopped.

Even when we had an impromptu dog party on the trail, she just stood back and watched.

With so much to explore at Indian Valley on our 2 mile hike,

Chloe was dog tired.  Once home, she assumed her position atop the couch where she preceded to sleep for hours.  Sweet Girl........

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