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January 9, 2011

Desert Dairy Farming

A few days ago, a friend of ours, Bob, emailed photos he received via email to me about dairy farming in the dessert.  The Saudi Arabia dessert.  Al-Safi is the world's largest integrated dairy farm where 37,000 cows are milked.  I can't even imagine!

Some of the information I found regarding the Al-Safi Dairy from the online resource of Farming UK includes:

  • Refrigeration units are needed to maintain an 80.6F temperature in the cow barns and mobile sunscreens protect the cows from scorching heat.
  • The farm produces 220m litres of milk per annum, which supplies one-third of the country’s needs.
  • Water is pumped from under ground at the temperature of 158F.  Originally it was pumped from 200 meters underground and now from 2,000 meters.

  • Saudi Arabia transformed itself in the 1980s into a significant wheat producer. The government guaranteed farmers a purchase price higher than the world market price and the country became self-sufficient in 1984.
Here are some of the photos emailed to me.  Name of photographer is unknown to me, but would love to give him credit.......

105,000 includes all Saudi Arabia dairy farms combined.

Definitely shows dairy farming at a whole new level.  We milk a little over 200 cows at our own family dairy farm.

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