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January 26, 2011

A Gate Left Open......

Why is it that these situations only seem to happen when:
a) Dominic's not home,
b) I'm in a hurry,
c) I'm late,
d) I was already driving out of the yard,
e) did I mention Dominic wasn't home?

A gate left open leads to a heifer taking advantage of it because we all know that the grass is always greener, lusher and longer on the other side of any fence, right?

I spot her from my car in the driveway....oh dear! I wonder how many others have already taken advantage of this situation.  The very real potential of 45 heifers and cows meandering into my yard and trampling my lawn and plants is a situation that has happened in the past.

Thankfully only one other had made it to the hill directly behind our house.  Okay, I can do this.  I can handle two cows on my own.  I'll just creep around, up the slippery grass hill in my workout tennies putting the cows between me and the open gate and hopefully they'll just turn in the gate's direction and walk back through.

It worked.  I was thankful.  The most difficult part was latching the tight gate.  After 5 minutes, I had it conquered, with a newly tweaked back and

a ripped finger to show for my efforts. 

I was headed to the gym for this great new 'F.I.T.' class but the tweaked back changed my plan to the Stair Master instead.  I got off easy at the gym that day.   

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