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January 28, 2011

My Home Depot Gardening Loot

With all this spring-like weather we've been having, I've totally gotten the gardening bug and it's only January!  I've been trying to contain myself because I know there's more frost and I know more rain on the way.  But when it's close to 70 degrees, I can't help myself from doing some yard clean up work and planting.

With both kids in school for the day I made my way down to Home Depot for a leisure shopping trip.  My main purpose for the trip was to find a third terra cotta planting pot to replace the one that broke in my yard.

  No luck finding a replacement which means I'll probably have to buy three different pots to replace the two remaining pots and move the two, to the patio area.  

I didn't find three other pots that I liked well enough so it'll just have to wait until the true spring arrives and there's more of a selection.

I did manage to buy some plants though.  Two Phormium plants to go into the two newly moved terra cotta pots.  I loved the dark color and apparently they'll produce a white flower in late spring to summer.  

Paige was a huge helper in the garden and helped me plant every single plant and then watered, just love them.....should have had four of them then maybe I wouldn't have to clean my house!

To fill the two green pots near the front door, I bought some long spindly Horse's Tail, some color and ivy.  Paige especially liked the Horse's Tail.

Oh, and I bought a bird feeder to see if we could attract some birds.  The Hummingbird Feeders are in full use right now and it would be nice to add a different species of bird to our yard.  I'll keep you updated.

I'm looking for some low maintenance, drought tolerant, colorful plants  that will grow to 24 inches or so, that I can add to the future pots that I'm going to buy for our front yard.......any ideas??

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