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January 14, 2011

Big Bad Holstein Bulls

Yes.......another bull post.  I know what you're thinking but I just can't help myself.  Maybe it's because I'm absolutely fascinated by them.  And terrified of them.  Two Holstein bull prospects for the bovine ladies here on the dairy farm that we've raised from birth.  They're about 18 months old and the one on the left is a bit ornery.  Not sure if he'll remain here or be sold to another farmer that can use him?  An ornery bull is a dangerous bull.  And no bull should ever be trusted completely.

All I know, you couldn't pay me a million dollars to get into this bull pen. 

Just how dangereous can a bull be you may wonder. 

Eleven years ago, here on the ranch, Dominic's Grandpa, 79 at the time, who has been a dairyman his entire life, was standing in the dairy cow corral watching Dominic and my father-in-law work on something.  He didn't realize the bull was in the same corral as he, otherwise he wouldn't have had his back turned towards him and before anyone knew it the bull came over and began to head butt Grandpa.  He was shoved against pipe fencing and ended up with a broken pelvis and a long recovery time.

These furry faces are not to be matter how cute.

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