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January 27, 2011

Respectful Dairy Cows ~ Chloe's World

Boy, there's been a ton of action at this gate lately.  First it was left open and now Chloe thinks she's in charge of the cows on the other side of it.

There goes the little sneaky stalker.  I believe Chloe was a much larger dog in a past life....because she definitely has that big dog mentality. 

"I'm the boss of these cows.  They don't scare me.  Not one little bit."

At least not until the cow begins running towards her.

"I better get back over to the other side of the gate where I can really dominate this cow." 

"It's yippy bark is drawing a crowd.  They're listening to me."

"I demand respect!"
"No one can touch me!"

"Look Mom, I'm so good at my job.  I just love being a cow dog."

Another day in the life of Chloe.

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