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January 16, 2011

Meet Dairy Calves Emma and Brittney

Nothing like a nice warm afternoon at the calf barn.  Is it really January?!  Because it was 68 degrees here yesterday.  I'll take it.

Yesterday was the day we chose two calves to begin halter training and because with two kids, you can't just pick one calf.  So, meet the two week old calf that Paige named Emma.  She's a little young to halter train but for her first lesson she did great!

We only had one calf halter on hand here on the farm, but I remembered my blogging and Twitter friend, Ryan Goodman posted a link on Twitter to a site that gave instructions on how to make your own rope halter. So we did. 

You've already met this calf the other day on my visit to the calf barn.  Bryce named this calf Brittney {after Brittney of The Chipmunk's, if you have kids, you know who Brittney is}.  Brittney is about three months old and very friendly but didn't like the halter too much. 

I'll keep you posted on Emma's and Brittney's progress!

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