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January 10, 2011

Sun > Lush Green Grass = Happy Heifers

If you've been reading some of my posts the last few days {or if you live nearby}, you know that we've been experiencing some very foggy, cold, damp weather here in northern California.  Well, Sunday I walked out of the house and felt completely like a mole who had just crawled out of her hole, wondering what that bright, yellow thing was in the sky.

It was too tempting not to take a stroll in the green grass up behind our home on this rare sunny day.  So with rubber boots on, out I went. 

Look who else I found enjoying the green grass and the sunshine...........these were some Happy Heifers out on grass.  They couldn't eat fast enough!

I tried to get a little closer, but I spooked one of them and once one begins to run, they ALL the other direction. 

It actually felt warm standing here taking in the view with the sun on my face.

A dose of vitamin D is just what I needed.  After I got my fill, I walked back down the hill, avoiding the muddy cow trail and made myself a nice lunch of leftover venison loin and brussels sprouts. What more can one possibly need?

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