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January 6, 2011

The Grass is Always Greener

Every now and again, we receive a phone call from either the Park Rangers working at Stafford Lake or the good folks at Indian Valley Golf Course telling us there's a cow out near hole 9.  Imagine a golfer's surprise when he encounters a bovine, face to face, in the middle of his/her game.  We know it's most likely not one of our well behaved dairy cows or heifers, but one of these buggers that have once again found some way to gain access to the lovely, trimmed green grass at the park or at the golf course. 

Now, it's not that they don't have acres and acres of green grass of their own to graze upon, as you can see in the photos below.  These mama beef cows just never seem satisfied with what they have.

They are also fed a nice hearty breakfast of hay every day, but nooo, they want more, better, greener, lusher {is that a word?} grass.

So how do these beef cows get through the fence?  Sometimes a fence goes down due to winter weather.  Sometimes the other side of the fence is too much of a temptation and mama beef cow jumps it. Or sometimes the fence is cut  by an unknown party.  What ever the case, we always find the mama beef cow.

So if you're ever golfing at Indian Valley and come across a cow patty, you'll know why.

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