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January 3, 2011

Raise Your Hand For Cotton Candy~My Mommy Grade=C

It was cold, wet and down right bone chilling cold when we left the house yesterday to go to the last 49er game of the season, which was meaningless, if you're a football fan, you know why.  But I'm so glad we went.  The stadium capacity was only a little over half, the perfect amount for bringing the kids along.  That way they don't get trampled, squished, bumped into, lost, frustrated, etc.

We arrived just in time for the pre-show.  After wiping off our wet seats, laying down some blankets to sit on and settle in to get ready for the show and game, who walks by?  The dreaded Candy Man.  Before I could use one of the many skills any Mom possesses such as the artful skill of distraction, or before I could throw my body into their line of vision, Bryce and Paige spot it.....the multicolored cloud coming their way, known as Cotton Candy.

Their hands went up immediately.

The two little eagle eyed kids got what they were after.  There was no denying them.

You may think I have given myself the Mommy grade of a C for the mere fact of letting my kids eat almost the entire bag of cotton candy, but no, the reason for the self inflicted C grade was simply due to my forgetfulness for packing the wet wipes into the stadium bag.  Of all times, this was not a good one to forget wet wipes. 

My punishment was harsh.  For the stickiness that followed was shared with everything they came into contact clothes, my camera, my bag, my hair and my face {kisses}.

While the cotton candy was a definite highlight of the day for Bryce and Paige, coming in second were most definitely the cheerleaders.  Yes, the 49er Gold Rush.  Bryce immediately put his photography and video taking skills to good use.

As Paige uses the field glasses, I hear her say, to herself, "Cheerleaders! Awesome!"

I think I had more fun watching my kids than I did watching the game.

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