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August 30, 2011

WW: Perfectly Portable Parfaits

What a fantastically busy weekend this last weekend of August was for us.  But not too busy to fit in the first episode of The Pioneer Woman's new Food Network show on Saturday morning.  I love that all episondes have been filmed on their Oklahoma beef ranch.  Along with the great recipes Ree shares with us, we also get a peek into what her ranch life is like.  The show inspired me to try something different.

I was to attend a baby shower on Sunday morning and was putting together parfaits to bring along and share.  I used Chobani Vanilla yogurt for the first layer on the bottom of my mason jar.  Second layer was granola, then sliced strawberries and blueberries.

Then I topped it off with some freshly whipped whip cream and a few more strawberry slices.

Slapped the mason jar lid on and we were good to go.  A perfectly portable, eye pleasing, to-go container, right? 

I use mason jars all of the time, for toasted coconut storage, sunflower seed storage, as a beverage container, a salad dressing mixer, marble storage, almost anything but canning {I have yet to try that}....the possibilities are endless!  On The Pioneer Woman's new show, she used hers to transport individual Sunrise Punch drinks to her gang working the ranch, so I thought why not use mine for the parfaits, perfectly portable, lids included. 

How do you use your mason jars?

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