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August 2, 2011

WW: Creating a Pre-teen, Monster?

Does your child throw tantrums in public places?  Okay, I know, dumb question....of course they do.  Well just recently, we arrived in the cute little bay side town of Benica, CA, to walk in the Portuguese Holy Ghost procession, where Paige represents Petaluma walking as 'Little Queen'.

So what's a parent to do when 'Little Queen' sees older cousin who is also Junior Queen, walk into the room an hour before the procession is to begin already wearing her cape?  'Little Queen' looks up to her cousin Morgan, Junior Queen, and wants to be just like her and wear her own cape an hour before the procession begins.

As parent, I make the command decision and tell Little Queen "no" and proceed to take in the sights and activity happening around the room.  I begin snapping pictures, trying to capture our Benicia moments, but 'Little Queen' is ticked and wants nothing to do with photos.

She disses me once,


three times,

 a fourth time, next to the cape which is parked on a chair.  Paige wasn't crying or screeming...just pouting.  Upset I was not allowing her, her Queenly duties, on her terms. 

Then, I GAVE IN!  Yes, I did.

Am I creating a pre-teen Monster? 

I did confine her to the chair with her cape.  She was not to walk around and tire herself out before the procession began in 45 minutes. 

She wore the cape, sat in the chair, until she saw that her cousin, Morgan had taken her own cape off, and of course wanted to do the same.


At least I was able to capture one photo of Paige looking at the camera with all three Petaluma Queens, before the procession line-up occurred outside.

Do you stick to your guns or do you {or did you} give in once in a while with your own kids?

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