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August 18, 2011

The Counter

With this being the last week of summer vacation for the kids, we had a few back to school items to pick up before the store shelves were stripped of supplies from frenzied shoppers.  Paige went shopping with her Nonny {grandma} and Bryce and I headed to the Container Store.

Conveniently, the Container Store is positioned near the food area of the outdoor mall we were at.  As soon as we walked out the door to leave, my little carnivore sniffed the air and there was no holding him back....he smelled hamburgers.

Must be a new trend or something because two doors down from "The Container" store sits a restaurant I had never heard of before, "The Counter".  To my little carnivore's delight, The Counter is a place where you can custom build your own hamburger.  Apparently you can find this restaurant chain nationwide but the first I had heard of it was yesterday, in Corte Madera.

They also had something on the menu that was new to me; hamburger topped salads, yep that's right, a hamburger patty plopped right down on top of your salad.  I'm sure this idea is popular with people trying to eat a low carb diet.

I ordered up the Backyard Barbeque

A chopped melody of lettuce, topped with 1/3 lb. beef patty, horseradish cheddar, chopped ham, onion, coleslaw, crispy onion strings, some sliced tomatoes, served with buttermilk ranch dressing and barbeque sauce on the side.

A tower of goodness.  They also have vegetarian versions on their menu as well.

Off the kid's menu, Bryce ordered two mini hamburgers with no cheese.  He would have preferred a plate of fruit rather than a pile of fries, but I didn't see that on the menu.

All in all a good experience but if you're in a hurry, service seemed to be a bit on the slow side.

Any time I can spend a little one on one with my little farm boy is good with me:)

Have you ever tried a hamburger topped salad?

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