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August 23, 2011

WW: The Charm of a Barn

I adore barns.  Most especially old barns, they definitely have more character.  On a recent morning trip out to the town of Pt. Reyes Station, we stopped at this old barn.  It was a working dairy barn up until a few years ago and sits at the south end of Tomales Bay, just two blocks from the center of the town.  Today, through the Giacomini Wetlands Restoration, this former dairy ranch has been returned to tidal wetlands and flood plains it once was many years ago and is now owned by the National Park Service. 
As you may have guessed, I am partial to dairy farms and just walking on the short trail surrounding this iconic barn, I could almost envision the dairy cows that once lived there not long ago.  Even though the cows are gone, the barn still stands, freshly painted and beautiful. I'm grateful it was restored and we are still able to take visual pleasure in it. 

If you happen to be heading through Pt. Reyes Station, I recommend taking a short walk on the trail surrounding this barn and know you are walking on a portion of Pt. Reyes Station agricultural history.

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TexWisGirl said...

it's lovely. you need to link in to Monday night's Barn Charm at too!

Suz and Allan said...

Barns are so beautiful. The older, the better, and usually the more character. Thanks for sharing this!

alicia said...

Well, I was on a hunt last week for a photo shoot... to find a barn. Too bad we aren't closer. You seem to know just where all the cool ones are.

Tricia said...

Beautiful, peaceful photograph!

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

What an awesome barn! Barns are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. They never move, have a lot of personality and they always smile. :)

Anna ~ Random Handprints said...

beautiful, especially for city-folk like me to see!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love barns too Nancy - we have manybeautiful ones here in the Yorkshire Dales.