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August 22, 2011

Essential Lunchbox Containers for Back to School or Work

The 2011-12 school year began today for my kids, both are attending the little one-room school house with the grand total of 11 kids, K-6th for the year.  Paige is one of two Kindergartners and she does get to stay for lunch every day.  The first days of a new school year are so exciting, no matter what grade you're in.  My kids were excited to bring all their brand new, shiny school supplies.  One of the things they were excited to try out were these BPA free lunchbox containers I found at The Container Store.

Paige's lunchbox is smaller so I bought her the smaller container so she could also fit a water bottle or milk carton in her lunch box alongside the container.

One side is just the right size for a sandwich and the other side is sectioned into two parts.  I used the larger section for fruit and the other for crackers and a silicone cupcake liner filled with trail mix.....can't have any of the food touching each other, of course.  Kindergartners, they can be SO demanding!

Close the lid over the sandwich and fold the two sides together.

Bryce has a larger lunchbox, therefore I bought him a larger lunchbox container.  His container has three sections on top and one large underneath.

A sandwich in the larger of the three sections on top...this section came with a juice bottle but I'm using it for his sandwich instead, if you use larger sized bread, this section will not work for a full sized sandwich.

Blueberries in one section.

Pretzels in another.

Underneath the top sections, is one large section that you can put an ice pack, or you can use for a sandwich or even a green salad or pasta salad, watermelon, etc.

I love that these containers will help me cut down on using plastic bags and that they are BPA free.

These containers are made by Sistema and I love them and just wanted to share my great find with you.

Do you have any back-to-school must haves, you care to share?

I love to hear from you! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to leave a comment. Have a fantastic day!

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