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August 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday w/Linky: I Spy with my little eye...

This year we planted our garden in raised beds, they're at about waist level which makes watering and weeding very simple.  Thankfully, the plants seem to be flourishing in these raised beds...our little midnight visitors; the jack rabbits, have not found our veggie garden this year and either have the snails, earwigs and whatever has eaten our garden in previous years.

So far, I have spied baby zucchini....

bell peppers..........

tons of green tomatoes {I'll be even more thankful if they indeed turn red}

and what's supposed to be a Crookneck Squash, but it's looking more like a Crookneck Gourd....I think someone was having some fun switching the plant tags at my local gardening supply store, what do you think?

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