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August 25, 2011

Five going on Twenty

Five years ago today, I went through the quickest, easiest labor EVER.  I feel confident saying this because who shows up at the hospital delivery room and 25 minutes later pops out a baby?  We would have probably arrived 45 minutes early if Dominic hadn't gotten pulled over for speeding in route.
Why did I wait so long to go to the hospital?  Well, I wasn't sure I was in labor.  Twenty two months prior, when Bryce was born, I was induced, which is a whole other level of .....experience.   

When I called the hospital early that Thursday morning, they told me if I could talk through what I thought were contractions, I wasn't even close to delivering.  Thankfully I listened to my dairyman husband who delivers babies almost daily, rather than the nurse in the delivery room at the hospital.  We left for the hospital 10 minutes later. 

Today Paige is five, going on twenty.  She tells me she can't wait to be a 'grown up' so she can drive {to San Luis Obispo to visit cousins} and have babies.....eeek!

And wear shoes like Mama.

Happy Birthday baby girl.
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