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August 9, 2010

Larabar~Nasty Hair~The Mitts

After my boot camp class at the gym this morning I was really craving a little something to eat right away.  I normally wait an hour or so before eating something after class, but I guess my body just needed that energy earlier this morning.  So I tried one of these Larabars.  Have you tried them?  I don't know much about them but on the package they claim to be 'real food' which to me interprets to minimally processed.  Well, they are super good and let me tell you, it did taste as though I was eating a cashew cookie.  What a treat! And just what I needed.

Moving on to afternoon playtime.  Fun for the kids, but repercussions = more work for me because of lots of this.......

which normally ends up like this.......



and this.............

Oh, and a whole lot of this...........

I just can't deny them playtime in the commodity's SO much fun for them!
And it's a good thing Dominic does his own laundry otherwise I think I would be an absolute slave to the washer and, it could be worse, right?.

On days like today, I definitely feel like a short order cook as well.  My kids are always hungry and I don't like to feed them a lot of processed foods {but don't get me wrong, they do eat them}.  My kids don't eat many cooked veggies, but they LOVE raw veggies which is even better.  So many times I will serve a little platter of veggies and dip for snack or with dinner.  They're really not into the dip but I am.
It's a cilantro roasted pecan dip I picked up from Trader Joe's and it's so yummy!

A few of you have asked me where I found these oven mitts after spotting them on my healthy zucchini bread post.  Well they are by Martha Stewart and I found them on my shopping trip with my cousin to San Francisco {Macy's}.  My kitchen has red accents, so I fell in love with these rooster/hen mitts.  So, there you go!

Okay, gotta go!  Off to a girl's B-Day dinner at Wild Fox.

Happy Monday!
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