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August 5, 2010

Operation Beautiful Inspiration

A while back after I started following blogs that I was interested in, I came across Caitlin's blog.  This morning, Caitlin was featured on the Today Show to talk about as her new book release, "Operation Beautiful."  The mission of Operation Beautiful is to anonymously hang post-it notes in public places for strangers to come across and by reading the little note they find.."You are beautiful, just the way you are" will help combat negative feelings they may have of themselves.

Gosh, we've all experienced negative talk in our lives and know how hurtful it can be.  As a child in elementary school, I wasn't as stick thin as many of the other girls in my class and I definitely heard about it from my peers.  I think at one point I had the nick name of 'Chubby Checkers'.  I just laughed about it at the time on the outside, but it was truly hurtful on the inside and when you're a shy kid growing up as I was, you don't talk about your feelings....not even with your own parents in my case.  This nickname was actually very short lived, but look, 33 years later I can easily remember and re-live the feelings I felt back then. 

I vowed if I ever became a mother, I would do everything in my power to give my children as much of a positive outlook about themselves and on life and to try and lead by example by showing them beauty comes from the inside.   To teach and show that being an authentic, confident, and to be a kind person is very important in life and if you can remain true to yourself , you can achieve anything you set out to accomplish.

In our society, so often women are compared to the images that are seen in magazines and on TV and even video games.  I think it's important for all our kids, but especially for our girls; our daughters, grand daughters, nieces, cousins, friends to do everything in our power to instill confidence in their self esteem so they can grow into intelligent, confident women in life.

This photo was taken after I read the note and explained to Paige what it meant.
{Then she wanted to get dressed with her clothes inside out} True story!

How will you tell the girl in your life today how beautiful she is - just the way she is?

"I am beautiful" by Christina Aguilera

Happy Thursday!
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Katie Walters said...

I was going to blog about the exact same thing!!! I was off today, and watched the same bit.
Paige is one beautiful girl! (And her mom's not too bad either!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Hugs across the miles,

x said...

Great post. I better get some sticky note pads and start posting!

Dana Gustafson said...

A-MEN sister! I love your post! Thanks for sharing this and cheers to Paige for taking it literally...starting with her clothing! ;) What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Great post and inspiring little girls... first, Caitlin creating Operation Beautiful and Paige. How "beautiful"

It's like pay-it-forward!

Anonymous said...

I just selected the link to Caitlin's blog and saw she is a not a little girl! Very cool either way!

TnTConnect said...

I know what my self-esteem is (or lack thereof); as a result, I make a point of telling all three of my kids how beautiful they are inside and out AND that I am proud of them. My favorite time to tell them is when they have not particularly done anything out of the ordinary. I hope everyone else does the same.