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August 26, 2010

Five Requirements for Kid Friendly Restaurants ~ Wipeout Bar and Grill

With this being our last week of 'summer vacation' {Bryce begins school next week} I wanted to treat the kids to another lunch date at a restaurant....they LOVE restaurants!  We've always taken our kids to restaurants beginning at an early age with the idea that with doing so, they would become accustomed on how to behave properly at a restaurant.  But there are a few requirements of a kid friendly restaurant.  Wipeout Bar and Grill had them all for us.

I'm sure everyone has a different list of requirements, but here are the requirements for my kids: 
1.  Lemonade on the menu for {Bryce} and milk {for Paige} and if they can put together a raspberry lemonade for you that's not on the menu, even better.

2.  Coloring activities.  For Bryce, Tic Tac Toe is a big hit.  Luckily you can whip out any piece of paper at any given restaurant and play tic tac toe.  My kids can play this game for hours.  I also keep a Ziploc bag of little toys such as cars, Lego's, etc. in the car to be played with ONLY at restaurants.

3.  Conversation inducing wall decor.  A shark hanging from the ceiling is a big plus.  At Wipeout there were TV screens hanging on the walls with surfing and nature DVDs playing. 

4.  A great kid's menu.  For Bryce, a hamburger is a must.  Wipeout grill had plenty of choices to choose from on the kid's menu and every entree was $5.99 with drink of choice included.

5.  The restaurant needs to have an adult menu that will keep the adult happy as well.  A happy parent = a happy child:)

I loved that on the menu, sliders could be bought by the number.  I wasn't very hungry for a big salad or burger so I ordered two sliders made from Nimen Ranch natural angus beef served with a slice of tomato and honey mustard.  These were SO juicy and flavorful.  They hit the spot for me.

Paige ordered the cheese quesadilla.

Very cheesy, just as she loves it.

Bryce, of course ordered his hamburger with a side of pickles.  His burger came with fries, which he doesn't really eat and I now realize I should have asked for fruit as a time. We all ended up sharing his fries.....he was a happy boy.

We will definitely visit Wipeout again.  We really enjoyed the surfing decor experience and their menu.  A fun and delicious place:)

Happy Thursday!

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crystal.cattle said...

I remember playing lots of games of tic tac toe on placements, and drawing many barns, fences and cows. Looks like a great place.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

That is a really cute pic with P and the cheese string.

Kimber Christian said...

I love Moms like you that bring something for the child to DO at a restaurant! It makes me crazy when kids are acting up (because they're bored) and the parents either don't do anything or yell at them. You can't expect a 3 year old to sit still at a table for an hour! Where is Wipeout located by the way? It sounds like a fun place!

Anonymous said...

What a great place! Check out the website. Kids eat free on Tuesdays and apparently there is complimentary face-painting at 5 pm!

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Kimber, we went to the Greenbrae location in Marin and they also have one in San Francisco as well.

I also forgot to mention, on Wednesday when we ate there, pizzas were only $5 dollars! {the adult pizzas, not the kid's menu} what a deal!

Anonymous said...

What a great kid friendly option! There's $3 beers for the adults on Thursdays too.