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August 11, 2010

66 1/2 yards

I never thought I would be so happy about a delivery of wire and and form boards!  Remember a few months ago when our silage was delivered?  And how the delivery trucks, over the course of 7 years have completely destroyed the road leading up to our house?  Well, it's finally being replaced. 

It happened yesterday!

What was once a paved, smooth road, became crumbled and torn.  This is actually smooth compared to what it looked like before.  All of the old pavement was bulldozed out and road was scraped clean in preparation of the concrete pour. 

Old road.

Form boards in place.

Cement trucks show up load by load.

Kids play in cement.  Shoot, I forgot to have them put their hand print impressions in the road.

Hard work and 66 1/2 yards {7 1/2 truck loads} of cement=

a new, smooth road.  Thanks Herman {my brother in law} and crew for doing such an awesome job!

If you live close by and have been to our house, I know you'll appreciate this more bottoming out while driving up the road and no 4-wheel drive required anymore!  Exciting!

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Alexandra said...

Very nice... and I know you'll love it even more on a rainy day sans muddy road now.

It's all these little things, isn't it?

ack! Did you see your blogfrog? Pioneer Woman was here!!!

Dana Gustafson said...

Oh wow! What a difference a ROAD makes! :) Yay for you! That is one sweet driveway now!

lisa said...

Very nice. I had to check out your blog, I visit Gizzards and Calf Fries. I will be back. I love your recipe for orzo! I will have to try it, even with the artichokes in it.

Heather (Heather's Dish) said...

you know, i never realized how much i take paved roads for granted...your new one looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

That looks beautiful! Isn't it funny the things we come to appreciate that we'd never expect? I love your little boy's red boots in the picture. Too cute!