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August 28, 2010

Dollar Dogs~Raley Field

Dominic and our friend, Cindy both sit on the Marin County Farm Bureau board and had a meeting to attend an hour and a half away in Sacramento regarding Farm Bureau finance/record keeping.  We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go to a Sacramento River Cats ball game.  So, Cindy's husband, Mark and I, along with six kids drove up later in the afternoon to meet Dominic and Cindy at Raley Field for a 7 p.m. game.

Of course traffic was terrible at this time of day on a Friday afternoon, but we managed to make it to the field in a little over two hours with only minimal tears shed {by my child}.

But once we got to the field, everything was A OK. 

First thing's  And gotta love when it happens to be Dollar Dog night....what a score!

Everyone was re-energized after some food.

I did not partake in the Dollar Dog event, but instead ordered myself a tostada salad with beef.  I was so glad I did because it was really delicious.  I was surprised with how fresh the ingredients were.  The lettuce was really crispy, the beef was shredded to perfection, delicious good! 

And look how good this beef looks {for you meat eaters out there}.  As I'm writing this post and looking at these photos, I am again craving this tostada was that good.

Dominic did partake in Dollar Dog night and ate a few of them, along with some regular ol' nachos.

Now that our bellies were full, our beers bought, it was time for the National Anthem.

Let's play ball!  Oh, so the River Cats is the minor league ball team for the Oakland Athletics and they happened to be playing the Fresno Grizzlies, who is the minor league team for the S.F. Giants {our favorite}.  Arch rivals.

We were enjoying the game when all of the sudden, this walked by.
And BAD things can come from this.

Bad, bad things.

I just realized I've now posted photos of my kids stuffing their faces with cotton candy two times within the past couple of weeks.  Really, they are not allowed cotton candy very often.....only for special occasions, like ball games and the Gravenstein Apple Fair we attended.
And how can you say no to a face like this?

Some Dollar Dog night entertainment ensued upon the field.

Doing the 'Wave'.

At around the 4th inning, hunger set in once again.

Nothing that a little Kettle Corn couldn't fix.

This is what it looks like when a four year old comes off a sugar high and it's two hours past her bed time.  {no tears though}

Calling it a night in the eighth inning.  Time for the ride home.

Happy Saturday!

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