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August 2, 2010

News Worthy? Really?! & I think I Might be Fired


"Yes, this is Nancy."

"You want to do an article on me?  And my blog?"

This was the phone call I received last week from Rob Rogers, a reporter for the Marin I.J.  Let's just say, I was a bit surprised.  This call was spurred on by a national contest I entered, Web Moo.0 by NutriDense with the hopes of winning a trip to Chicago at the end of August to attend the 1st annual AgChat Convention, who helps farmers promote 'agvocacy' by the use of social media.  The grand prize ultimately went to Ashley Messing, a dairy farmer out of Michigan and I won a Flip get ready to see some video on this blog in the near future!

Here's the link Marin I.J. article.
Here's the link to the results of the Web Moo.0 contest.

Photo by Frankie Frost, Marin I.J.

This afternoon there was perfect weather to go to work with Dominic....not too hot and not cold.  My job was to open and close the gates.  Easy right?

First stop, feed the heifers {cows that have never given birth} their first course - hay, in the nice, cool freestall barn.  But of course, the first thing I see is that darn bull.  There's 65 heifers to be fed and he's the one who spots me first!  I think I'm a bull magnet or something, because seriously, out of over 300 cows and heifers, it's one of the two bulls that ends up right near me......EVERY TIME.  Can you tell bulls make me a bit nervous?  Even if they are on the other side of the fence.

Heifers....they're SO cute aren't they?!

Lunch time is always a great time of day.

So, remember when I said that being in charge of opening and closing gates was easy?  Well, it's easy if you actually close the gate when required.  Let me tell you what happens when a gate isn't get closed after feeding.  Ummm, 60 or so milking cows find their way over to the open gate thinking they've SCORED because this is the section of the freestall barn where the hay and alfalfa is cows allowed! 

To my own defense, we were coming right back with a load of grain! 

I think I'm fired as gate monitor. 

It's no wonder I sometimes detect resistance when I announce to Dominic that I'm coming to work with him.
No, not really.  I think he likes when I help him at work...or maybe just watch.

But I did help him move them all back out of course.  {while snapping a few photos along the way}

Okay, back to feeding.  Second course - silage/grain mixture.

Happy Monday!
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