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August 13, 2010

Left Stranded

Being stranded.  It's a helpless feeling.   I was just minding my own business over at the calf barn, waiting for Paige and Dominic to come back so we could feed the calves when "Charlie" the larger of the two bulls we have here on the ranch found me......once again. 

Okay, I know what you're thinking.....not again with the bull stories!  But, this is my life.  The life of a bull magnet.  Because as you know, every time I'm down on the ranch one of the two bulls find me.

Fortunately there's a fence between he and I. 

He just stares at me much of the time.  He probably senses my fear.  Or he just wants to play.

Then he decides to walk over to the area where Dominic just fed to grab some grain.

Now, if I were a brave soul, I would walk out right past him, through the open gate over to the milking parlor.  But I'm not brave.

He's still keeping his {stink} eye on me.

As cows walk out of the milking parlor after their milking session, they walk over to say 'hi' to Charlie before walking back to their corral to eat.

I think the cows are even mocking me.

They all stop and stare as they walk by.  Now if only Charlie would pull his head out of the grain and follow them I would be free and clear to go.

But he doesn't.

So what's a girl to do when she's trapped in a calf barn by a big, bad bull?  Well if you're me, you think about shoes of course!  Or boots in this case and how much I love them.  Do I need another pair?  These are two years old, but still in pretty good shape.

Then I start photographing my boots.   Well, I was becoming bored after all.

Justin Ropers are SO comfortable and durable.  I just love my work boots!

Okay, back to Charlie.  He's still there...... Sigh.

Oh finally!  Dominic and Paige are coming back.

But before I could get a word out......

they were off again!  You're kidding me right now!  I guess they didn't realize that I was stranded.....hmmm.....or maybe they did.  Anyhow, they rode right by Charlie.  Maybe now he'll follow the cows into the next corral.

Nope.  He just moved closer to me and began playing or showing off......great.

Finally!  My rescuers!  As soon as Charlie saw Dominic coming, he moved on.  Now why can't I get him to do that?

Happy Friday!  Cheers!
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Lisa said...

I needed a good laugh today and that story gave it to me. Thanks Nance!

Robin @ Blommi said...

Well I guess hiding in the barn is better than getting butted by a bull. Thanks for the entertainment ;D

BigD said...

Glad you made it out!
The down side of good boots is: They don't wear out! I love my Ariats, and I think they'll last me forever!
Like your blog a lot--count me as a follower!

TnTConnect said...

This is why I wont keep a bull past a year of age...I'm chicken! :)