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August 17, 2010

Tips on How to Survive a Visit to the Calf Barn

It's true, when you hang out at a calf barn, anything can happen and any non-clothed body part is viewed as an open opportunity to a calf.

I wanted to take some snapshots of Paige feeding the calves on this afternoon.


I was concentrating on getting a good shot ........

and practicing with my camera settings and all,

when I was totally taken by surprise by this little girl..............

who completely startled me by grabbing a hold of my elbow with her mouth as I was in the process of snapping the above photos.  I just turned the camera towards the calf, without looking through the view finder and began snapping photos.


Give them an inch and they take a mile.  I let her suck on my elbow for a little, until she really became disturbed that nothing was coming out.  She then became more and more aggressive until I could begin to feel her teeth.....not a good feeling on the elbow funny bone.

So if you ever get a chance to visit dairy, or a calf barn, here are some tips you may want to remember:
Tip # 1:  Never take a shower before you visit a calf barn, because you will definitely need one afterwards.
Tip #2:  Never visit a calf barn immediately after exercising because you may be mistaken for a salt lick.

Tip # 3:  Never allow a calf to suck on your ring finger {self explanatory}.
Tip # 4:  Always carry a calf bottle with you so your other body parts aren't mistaken for udders.
Tip # 5: Never leave dangling equipment unattended {such as cameras hanging from your person}.

And on a serious note,

Tip # 6:  Never walk between a calf and her mother {unless you want to feel the excitement of being charged at by a 1,500 pound animal}.

Happy Tuesday!
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