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August 21, 2010

CA Milk Advisory Board Career Internship Program Visitors

Friday we had the pleasure of meeting two college students when they stopped by the ranch as part of their California Milk Advisory Board {CMAB} sponsored internship program.

The CMAB Career Internship Program helps train dairy leaders of the future through a hands on program offering a wide span of experience in the dairy industry.  The six week program helps give participants an understanding of the California dairy industry from all angles available.

During the six week program the participants are involved in field assignments with dairy partners including California dairy farmers, cheese and milk processors, retailers, industry lobbying and regulatory groups, advertising, public relations and nutritional education agencies. 

Tessa Buratto and Brian Mederios, both currently enrolled at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, were on their last leg of their six week internship.  They arrived at our ranch in the afternoon with Kris Costa from CMAB, who is chaperoning the two of them. They had just finished attending a cheese plant tour at the nearby Cowgirl Creamery

Dominic showed them around the ranch a little bit and talked about the dairy industry and how our dairy farm is set up and how we run the ranch.   He also got to catch up with the current happenings of Cal Poly, where he is a graduate from.  He and Kris, from CMAB, both attended Cal Poly at the same time and they were able to reminisce a little as well.

It's really encouraging to see a program like this, from organizations like California Milk Advisory Board helping our youth, the future of the dairy industry,  gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of the dairy industry and help them to create a network of contacts for their future careers in the dairy industry.

And it was really nice for me to meet some of my readers in person!  Tessa follows my blog.  And Kris reads it as well!  I know you all know so much about me and my life, it's nice for me to meet and get to know you a little bit as well.

Thanks for visiting Tessa, Brian and Kris.  It was a pleasure for me to meet you all.

Happy Saturday!
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