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August 8, 2010

Fresh Milk Straight From the Cow

There is almost nothing better than waking up on a foggy, Sunday morning by the smell of coffee brewing and knowing there's fresh milk, straight from our cows waiting to be poured into that coffee cup.  All that rich, creamy goodness is such a treat!

I have to say, if we didn't have access to our own fresh, raw milk I wouldn't buy it at the grocery store.  I would stick to the pasteurized.  But since we do, we run down to the milk tank almost daily to fill up our milk pitcher.

Hmmm....just heavenly.

Bryce's Special K cereal.

 Okay, time to begin the day!

Let's move on to chickens...... 

Later in the day we drove over to my sister's house to visit their 2 month old baby chicks.  I had been meaning to get over there to take some photos of them when they were first born, all fluffy and cute but I never made it.  Not that they're not cute now, but I wanted to get some photos of all the fluff they were sporting when they were smaller.

These chicks were hatched in an incubator at my sister's house.  They ended up with four hens and four roosters.  They are now two months old and with most of their feathers coming in.  More fresh eggs coming soon to their house!  We were going to take four or so hens for our own upbringing but since there were only four hens out of the hatched chicks, we'll wait for the next incubator batch.

Remember Snowball ?  There she is looking in from the outside.  The baby chicks are kept in their coop for their own protection and until they are big enough to fly.

Paige, the animal lover wanted to hold every one of them.

And I couldn't leave without checking in on the baby bunnies that aren't very tiny anymore....remember them?  Here's Cinnamon saying hi!

To complete the afternoon, a fun ride on a mini 4-wheeler.

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