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March 14, 2011

Things that happen in the Heifer pasture

Spring is on the way and the heifers are ecstatic about it.  Why?  Play time is one reason, as you can see in the above photo.  These two girls were so excited to be let out on pasture, the just couldn't contain themselves.

During the rainy days the heifers live in their freestall barns and after a few days of dry weather, they're let back out on their pasture to graze on the grass that's been growing for them.

A couple of reasons they're not out on pasture during rainy days are; it keep the grass from being torn up by them running around on it and keeps the seed in tact.  Another reason is, pasture grass, during the rainy season, has very little nutrients to it and is mainly composed of water, but once that sun hits it and it begins to grow, it's full of nutrients.

{all of those nutrients which are great for cows, are also the reason Joey, is not allowed on pasture right now}

Here's a short video I took of the two girls playing from the above photo:

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