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March 4, 2011

Chloe the Coffee Hound

Chloe.  She's my little buddy as most of you know.  She likes 'mommy and me' computer time.  She loves riding in the car, all of the time.  She likes her cowdog time, thinking she's a ranch dog.  Chloe has quite a busy schedule.

I have boasted in the past, not here, but to family members that Chloe is SO good when she rides in the car with me to do my errands.  She sits in the back seat.  She waits patiently in the car for me.  If I have a load of groceries in the car and have one more errand to do, she doesn't go digging into the bags.  What a good girl, right?

Well, the other morning, after looking at the time and realizing I had been on the go for 4 1/2 hours and it was only 9:30 a.m., I thought a well deserved Starbucks was in order to begin my list of errands while the kids were in school. 

I usually only treat myself to a decaf gingerbread misto once a week at the very most and this particular morning I was craving it.  It was raining and cold. A perfect morning for a hot drink. 

After my first stop, Chloe in the car, I return.  I open the door to the strong smell of gingerbread misto wafting out the door.  Chloe.  She had overturned my misto and drank most of it {it was 3/4 full}.  The carpet was a little wet but not soaked.  So glad it was a decaf. 

And Chloe knew she had done something wrong even before I scolded her.  So when we returned home, she hid her face in shame.

And today, I'm dealing with the smell of sour milk in my car.  From past experience, the smell will last about a week.  Tomorrow I'm going Barrel Tasting with the girls and I'm the designated driver.  I'm hoping Febreze will do the job.  Any other suggestions?

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Katie said...

Febreze is my trick. I have used Oxi in my car before also and scrubbed it out with water. Chloe hiding herself in shame reminds of our Charlie the dog child hiding when he has gotten into the garbage or swiped something off the counter. He does the same thing.
Hope you are well Nancy. Miss you!

TexWisGirl said...

Sweet little girl was craving it too... :)

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

@DeanO, if you like lattes, you'll like a starbuck's misto because they're virtually the same drink except a misto is made with coffee instead of espresso {and it's less expensive}

@Katie, miss you too! when are you coming back to your home away from home, CA? I know you can't stay away! And good to hear the Febreze works for you:)

@Texwisgirl, I'm thinking she wanted all that milk in the misto;)

Michelle said...

Poor Chloe just wanted some coffee! She looks like a sweetie!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I'd say Chloe has exquisite taste and she just wants to be like her mama!

Farm Girl said...

Wow, I was reading your bio, I didn't know you were in California. :) So from one Californian to another Hi! :) I am in Bakersfield so you know how many dairy's are here. I taught my little girl to embroider at about 6 I think. and my other daughter learned to knit from my mother-in-law and she was about 4 and it was so funny to see that little girl just knitting away. I am not much of a knitter though.
I really hate the milk in the car oh gosh, that has happened so many times. I would just clean it best I could and then let it sit in the sun. I think most of the time though, it just had to wear off. Have a lovely day, and I love cows.
Growing up we raised show cattle but we always had a Jersey milk cow or my Dad had a Brown Swiss that he loved more that us I think. He wanted to start a herd of Brown Swiss but He got sick. Oh well, have a very lovely day and thanks for your comments.