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March 19, 2011

Turn a Kid Loose at a Holstein Auction, Guess What You Get

We spent our rainy, northern California Friday night at the annual Redwood Holstein Association fund raiser sale.  Fortunately there were space heaters scattered throughout the show ring, because it was cold.

I just found out that the Holstein Association allows kids {young ones} to show in their shows, in 4H a child needs to be 8 to show a large animal.  I was happy to see that both Paige and Bryce were interested in doing this.  Maybe it helps by watching their older friend, Alex, walking the calves out for the sale.

And their friend, Frankie.

At the sale, calves are not the only thing up for auction. 

Raise your hand for semen!  And Bryce did {he's 6, if you're new here}.  He bought 10 units of semen out of the Holstein bull, 'Detroit' from Alta Genetics.  The kid loves buying things.....anything apparently.

Bryce says, "What did I just buy?"

"Semen" I answer.

"Can I buy more?!"

"No, that's enough" I say.

Logan {sitting next to Bryce} asks, "What's semen?"

"It's what is going to make a cow pregnant." I answer and she seemed satisfied with that.....thankfully.

The things one learns at a Holstein sale!

Where's Waldo Bryce?  He loves trying to sneak into every photo I take.

Oh, and there was one random Jersey calf sold last night also.

Another highlight, and the thing the kids remembered from last year is the Sundae Bar where they can order up an ice cream sundae to their liking.

To finish off the evening, it's always fun to play in a bunch of shavings.

Time to shake them off and put them to bed.

What did you do on your Friday night?

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