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March 16, 2011

Hectic Life

I know life is hectic when I miss the preschool conference appointment that has been scheduled for over a month.....not just miss, completely forgot all about. Now, I thought about the appointment yesterday but this morning it was completely out of my head - even though it was written on my calendar and an alert was scheduled on my phone.  How could I do this?! 
This isn't an excuse, but I had babies and chicks on my mind.

I've been wanting to take an updated calf birthing video and this morning, before taking Bryce and Paige to school, Dominic let me know that one of the cows was in the process of giving birth, but her water had not broken yet.  I thought maybe after dropping Paige off, I could rush home and catch the birth on video.

I was too late.  The calf was born and I missed the opportunity.

The chicks that are on my mind belong to my sister's family.  They're out of town and had asked me if I could come over to feed.  I love going over there because they have animals that we don't have; chickens, rabbits and Pygmy goats.

One of the benefits of feeding for them are the farm fresh eggs I get to collect and take home with me.  I love all of the different colors of the shells.

And who wouldn't want to visit with these two cuties?!

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